Dream Story: Graphic design for film

Brief: create a series of graphic props for a film production of the novel Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler.

The protagonist of Schnitzler’s Dream Story is Dr Fridolin Kofler, a 35-year-old doctor living in Vienna during the early 20th Century. At the time, Vienna was the city of high culture and modernism. Those calling it home include Gustav Klimt, Adolf Loos, Else Jerusalem, and Sigmund Freud, all of whom contribute towards Vienna’s unique aesthetic.

I endeavoured to create a series of graphic props that would suit Fridolin’s character and his profession. I focalised my research around early 20th-century Austria-Hungarian design, ensuring that every detail of my props was appropriate to the era. This included examining the epoch’s proffered paper sizes, paper stocks, printing methods, and the limited number of type foundries which were available at the time, all of which add to the authenticity of the design.