Immortalise Your Beauty

Brief: To explore ethical discourses surrounding the impact of technological advancements through thought-provoking discussion and debate.

“Silicon Valley executives are getting $8,000 blood transfusions from the young in an effort to turn the clock back on ageing.”​

The above is a disturbing headline from the Mail Online. The almost vampiric in nature blood injecting practices used by the wealthier denizens of Silicon Valley inspired this particular project, which we had the great fortune of displaying at Somerset House in London as part of Makerversity.

Being simultaneously inspired and equally disturbed by the article, our group sort to provoke thought around the ethical and philosophical implication of genetic science’s relationship with the ageing process. To achieve this we fabricated the cosmetic company B6 who peddled a forever young DNA altering misting spray. B6 offered the potential customer the opportunity to immortalise the beauty of youth, circumventing the need for surgical cosmetic processes in favour of genetically moderating the body.